Entrepreneurs without borders

- we are creating the world's biggest global network of entrepreneurs, beacause Startups are the real job creators and problem solvers of this century.

Goal: To build the biggest global entrepreneurs’ club and support forum in the world.


By creating Portals,

  • And providing relevant news based on the stage of the entrepreneur, special interests and region. 
  • Help the promotion of smart tools and services
  • And contribute to investor matchmaking

Develop Communities

  • By supporting community activity and organize groups on a city level  

And make Programs

  • Like StartupBooster
  • And other program in cooperation with affiliate partners

How to organize this endeavor

To generate exponential growth, we have these main options, that we run in parallel operations; 

  1. Direct ownership: To take over or set up a national entity with the main group and organize subgroups on a city level.
  2. Local franchise; To take over or set up and organize groups directly from the hub on a city level
  3. Global groups; To take over and organize global groups without demographic focus. 


Our mission is to develop a members’ club and support forum for entrepreneurs, by helping startups to grow and prosper. We will do this by; using the power of; sharing is caring, the best practice and a world-class application linked with social media tools.


Our vision is to create the world’s biggest global network of entrepreneurs. Startups are the real job creators and problem solvers of this century, and we will encourage even more companies to have a global approach to their rollout. We will develop a platform to make it easier to reach out to fellow founders, potential customers, partners and investors for success.

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